Let’s Take the Opportunities to Choose Wisdom

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Proverbs 24

1 Be not envious of evil men,

nor desire to be with them,

    for their hearts devise violence,

and their lips talk of trouble.

    By wisdom a house is built,

and by understanding it is established;

    by knowledge the rooms are filled

with all precious and pleasant riches.


The word pictures described here make an obvious choice for what we really want in life. No one wants violence; no one wants trouble in their houses. On the other hand, all of us want a level of wisdom in our houses, understanding of what is important, rooms filled with precious and pleasant riches. We can envision the difference quite easily.

Once we see the difference, to what degree will we strive to attain the better side of this picture? No one is born wise, for we are born with hearts that are deceived, wills that are selfish, and goals that might take some sin to achieve. We revel in acts of the flesh and laugh at foolishness and sin. So then, how do we transition to gaining wisdom, understanding, and right knowledge?

The first step in change is recognizing that change is needed. Looking back, when you have acted in selfishness, where did it get you? When did you act in envy and trouble to get something you wanted, did you really enjoy what you gained?   Now, what do you need to think and do differently to act in the wisdom that brings security and value? The funny thing about wisdom is this, no one may support your decision to act in wisdom and understanding but everyone will envy the results of your wise choices.

I have read many stories of foolish people who got rich, really rich, but lost it all and ended in poverty and shame. (Not that being poor is shameful, but these people become poor because of their foolishness.) On the other hand, I have known hundreds of average people who sought the Lord’s wisdom and understanding and while living moderately in life had a family that was established and had the precious and pleasant riches of God’s grace to enjoy every day.


Two years ago I began the journey toward another degree that would provide the credentials needed to teach on the seminary level. I took a year off of that journey when we moved to Jakarta. In October, I restarted the journey. In the last two weeks of December and into the first week of January, my class assignments on top of my church speaking schedules, took over my life and I was not able to give time to prepare these devotionals. This week and next I am in Louisville, KY taking class. My plan is to get back to writing the devotionals as things get back to normal.  

We had a great Christmas together with our church family and are so happy to be in Jakarta at JIBC. Bobbi and both have completed a year now and look forward to 2020 as we continue to serve with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Have a great day in the Lord,


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