A correlation between fainting and faith

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Proverbs 24

10 If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small.

Some statements of truth are quite small and quite powerful, such is this little one. Just a few thoughts today. First is that we will all face adversity. Life is comprised of blessings and of problems with a few times of coasting in-between. James wrote telling us that we ought to count our times of trials as blessings from God who designs our trials to shape us. Job wrote that the thing he feared worst came upon him. Peter had a crisis of faith and denied the Lord in his crisis. Hannah, the mother of Samuel, could not conceive and was just miserable for several years. Adversity comes upon us all.

A second thought here is correlation between fainting and faith. To faint is to falter, to stutter-step, to trip, or to stumble. In Hebrews 12:3 we are called to look unto Jesus so that we don’t faint; Jesus did not faint in the day of His greatest adversity. Remember that the Christian life is a life of faith when we are called to obey the Word of God even when we don’t understand it all. It is the same in life; adversities come, we don’t understand them, and we are called to stand firm and not faint.

Thankfully, we are not told that when we faint we have no faith, just that our faith is small. It is through the adversities of life that we find God to be faithful, good, and kind. In the adversities God is the One who is there for He never changes and never leaves nor forsakes His own. Since the Word of God endures forever it’s promises also endure. Therefore, when adversity comes, we have God’s word to go to, to lean on, to hold us up, to keep us from fainting.

Are you in an adversity today? Ask the Holy Spirit to open your understanding to God’s word. Open your Bible and seek God’s guidance during your trial. As He shows you His power, His love, and His grace your faith will grow and the adversity, instead of causing you to faint, will do just the opposite and make you a stronger and more confident child of God.


We are rejoicing n God’s commitment to meet with us when we gather as His church. Sunday after Sunday we gather and cry out to God to gather with us. Week after week God shows up and leads us as we worship Him through song and through His word. God provides reconciliation as well, unity in His church, and He is glorified. After church I was able to meet with two men and share Christ with one of them. Pray that this man will receive clarity from God’s Holy Spirit and be led to salvation.

Each week we pray that anywhere the Word of God is opened and proclaimed that those who hear will receive the message and come to Christ or mature in their faith of Christ. We serve a mighty God who freely gives His miracle of salvation to those who believe and put their eternal faith in Him.

Have a great day in the Lord,


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