Be a Sharpening Friend

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Proverbs 27

17 As iron sharpens iron,

So a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.

The gathering of brothers and sisters creates a sharpening of one another.  When we get together as brothers and sisters in Christ there is intentional edifying through words of love, encouragement and even correction.  I have sharpened my own knives for as long as I can remember having knives.  A dull knife is pushed against a sharpening stone at a certain angle; the movement of the knife blade against the stone cleans off small burrs and grinds the two edges of the knife until it sharpened.  The steel of the blade is actually changed at the edge of the knife.

Many times I have had burrs on my life and the edge of life has become dulled.  Friends and family have come at those times and have worked to restore the sharpness that my life needed.  As Christians, we need to keep our faith sharpened, our confidence in God’s word sharpened, and our ability to love others sharpened.  A dull knife can cut some things, but it is not an effective tool.  For us to be as effective as God would have us to be, the spiritual edge of our life needs to be maintained.

While we have more time on our hands, let us work at sharpening our own spiritual edge and let us consider one another to provoke to love and to good works.  Whom can you love right now?  Whom can you edify right now?  As we sharpen our own lives we will be able to sharpen those around us.  Let us be people who care enough to edify, to sharpen others in our conversation, in our texts, in our time together.  Be a sharpening friend.


During yesterday’s sermon, a thought came to me that made the current workings of God crystal clear to me.  God is our good Shepherd and as our good Shepherd He is leading us to green pastures and to still waters.  He is guiding our lives as He sees fit.  Picture the Good Shepherd lovingly guiding us, His sheep, to green pastures and to still waters.  God has always led His people well.  God is leading His church as He sees fit today.  Yesterday I brought a message from Isaiah 45:5-8 that teaches us God brings both peace and calamity.  Satan brings confusion; God brings calamity.  God uses calamity to accomplish His ordained purposes.  Yes, the Good Shepherd is leading His people to His places. 

Have a great day in the Lord,


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