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Grace for Life Bible Church is a multi-cultural body of believers committed to following Jesus Christ. We understand His call to discipleship to mean following Christ at His desired level of sacrifice.  We study God’s word to gain a greater understanding of the disciple’s life and responsibilities.  We train men, women, and teens to be disciples which means that when discipled they will be discipling someone else.group6

When we gather for church Sunday morning (from 10:30 – 12:00) we show the love of Christ to one another.  All who come are warmly welcomed and experience the love of the Savior.  Grace for Life is a body of blood bought saints who didn’t use to be very saintly.  However, rejoicing together in the work of the Savior, we sing both hymns and contemporary songs using piano, instruments, and guitars to lift Him.  We enjoy the fellowship of a Christian family and we look forward to gathering around the Word of God for His message to our lives.