Justified by Faith Alone

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The Reformation began 500 years ago. From that time there developed 5 solas, or 5 aspects of justification that are alone. In this message, Pastor Steve looks at how we can be justified by faith alone. All religions add something to do besides believe, yet Romans 3 speaks of the necessity of faith.



Justified by God

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In this first message in a series on the five solas of the Reformation, Pastor Steve explains what justification is and why we need to be justified by God.



Brent Sivnksty – Friday 2017

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On Friday Brent Finished the last two verses of Titus 2 as we moved our service out to the First Baptist Church of Big Rock, Illinois where my son Steve is the pastor. It was a great way to wrap up our Fall Revival. We thank God for open ears and hearts to every message from His word through His servant.

Brent Sivnskty – Thursday 2017

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Brent continued marching through Titus 2.  In this message he addresses the church.