Normal Christian Maturity – 1 John 2

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In this message from 1 John 2 Pastor Steve looks at John’s teachings to Christian “children, young men, and fathers.”  As Christians, we find the security of children from our heavenly Father, we find the young men and women of the faith finding strength from their heavenly Father and from the Word of God which abides in their hearts.  With that strength these young people Christians will overcome the attacks of the enemy.  Fathers and mothers, those mature in their faith, show the strength of their maturity with their stable strength in their faith in God, their eternal Father.

God wants us to mature in our faith.  When we do not mature there should be concern.  The church body should work for the maturing of all brothers and sisters in the faith.

The Claims of God 1 John 2 3-11

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From 1 John 2:3-11, Pastor Steve presents the claims of God upon those who know Him.  John makes it very clear who is and who isn’t in Christ.  Many people, from the Gnostics of the first century to people today claim to know God but are not living the commandments of love given clearly by God and lived by those who have Christ within.  In this message, you will come away with a clarity about who is and who isn’t in Christ.  This is not a message of judgment but one that seeks to understand the teaching of the Apostle John.

Understanding Ourselves and our Atonement 1 John 2:1-2

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The aged Apostle, John, calls us away from sin to our Advocate who is our propitiation.  (There’s a word you don’t use much.)  In this message, Pastor Steve looks at John’s admonition, our Advocate, and our atonement.  We cannot not sin but we can determine to live against it.  But when we sin, Jesus is our advocate before the judgement bar of the Holy God.  How thankful we are that Jesus advocates for us and by His sacrifice removed the offense between us and God.  Then God, in His mercy, accepts the work of Christ on our behalf.

The Foundation of Our Salvation and Forgiveness 1 John 1

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In this message, Pastor Steve takes us through 1 John 1 establishing our salvation in the Father, in the Son and in the Holy Spirit.  When we understand that our salvation is complete in God we also understand that we are forgiven in this life and the next.  The result our being forgiven then is our ability and necessity to forgive others.

The Word of Life for All of Life 1 John 1

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From 1 John 1:1-4, Pastor Steve brings a message on Christ the Lord of all life. From the first century false teachers attacked the Incarnation of Jesus Christ. John was an eyewitness to the reality of the human person, Jesus, and carefully defends what he heard, touched and saw. Do you defend what you see? So did John. Jesus lived in a human body as the Word of Life for All of Life.

The Glory of God in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

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Too much focus has been on when Jesus is returning not that He is returning. In this message, Pastor Steve takes us through the Bible to confirm that Jesus is coming again. Jesus asked if his listeners were ready for his second coming. Be ready to ask yourself this important question: if we can confirm that Jesus is returning, are we ready if he came today?

The Glory of God in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ from Pastor Steve Schroeder on Vimeo.


The Glory of God in the Incarnation of Jesus Christ

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We have looked at the glory of God in different aspects of His salvation. In this message Pastor Steve looks at God becoming man, fully God and fully man. This fullness was necessary for Christ to obtain our redemption.