Justified to the Glory of God Alone

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In this final message on the five solas of Justification, we clearly see that there is no way for us to save ourselves. There is no way for us to share one bit of glory with the God of our salvation. Religion thrives on mankind helping God in achieving their adherents eternal standing. But God alone is capable of saving us from our sin so God alone will receive eternal glory for such wonderful justifying work.



Justified through the Scriptures Alone

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As we study the five solas of Justification we look today at the source of our knowledge of how man can be justified before God. While many religious books have been written only the Christian Scriptures point to justification by faith, through grace, as a result of the completed work of Jesus Christ.

Justified Through the Scriptures Alone from Pastor Steve Schroeder on Vimeo.


Justified Through Christ Alone

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As we have looked at Justified by Faith alone, by grace alone and now through Christ alone, we see how the solas of the Reformation are totally relevant to our salvation today. In this message, Pastor Steve looks carefully at what it means to have our sins paid through the work of Jesus Christ alone.



Justified by Grace Alone

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As we look at the Five Solas of the Reformation we come across Justified by Grace Alone. In this message, Pastor Steve looks at what grace is and that grace cannot have any level of merit or demerit attached to it. Pure grace from God is not dependent on what we do, don’t do, or try to do. It has no price attached to it before or after it is received. This is the only nature of true grace.



Justified by Faith Alone

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The Reformation began 500 years ago. From that time there developed 5 solas, or 5 aspects of justification that are alone. In this message, Pastor Steve looks at how we can be justified by faith alone. All religions add something to do besides believe, yet Romans 3 speaks of the necessity of faith.



Justified by God

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In this first message in a series on the five solas of the Reformation, Pastor Steve explains what justification is and why we need to be justified by God.



Rejoicing in Free Justification – Romans 3

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How many Christians go through their saved life thinking that they still have to do something for God to make sure He ultimately saves them? Learn how that when God justifies you He fully and freely justifies you so that you need not do anything.  (Thanks Justin for the 7 points.)

Rejoicing in Free Justificcation – Romans 3 from Pastor Steve Schroeder on Vimeo.