The “Go’el” in the story of Ruth and how Jesus fulfills the part of our “Go’el”

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Still in the Book of Ruth, Pastor Steve builds on the message of God’s hesed toward us showing that God established our salvation long before time began.  God, in hesed toward us, defined two offices of the go’el, the kinsmen redeemer in the Law of Moses.  In office, the go’el was to redeem his brother’s property; in another office, the go’el was to redeem his brother’s life.  This study shows the complexity of our salvation and the wisdom of God who designed it so that our enemy, Satan, would be defeated while our Redeemer, Jesus Christ, becomes King and restores both land and life to His eternal children.

“Hesed,” in the book of Ruth, defining God’s “hesed” toward us.

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In this message from Ruth Pastor Steve explains why the Hebrew word hesed does not have a good English equivalent and then uses the story of Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz to show us what God has done in His hesed toward us.  As Christians, we need to have greater understanding of what God did for us and continues to do for us all stemming from His heart of love, compassion, commitment, and mercy.